Febrasgo – 59 years old

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 18:05

A little on the history of the largest gynecology and obstetrics association in Latin America which, in 2019, will celebrate six decades advocating for the specialty, its specialists and women's health

Febrasgo was created in 1959, on October 30. It was founded at the headquarters of the Medical Association of Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, during the 11th Brazilian Gynecology and Obstetrics Conference. The birth of our Federation was the fruit of the work and unity of visionary colleagues, such as Alberto Henrique Rocha (MG), Lucas Machado (MG), Hermínio Ferreira Pinto (MG), José Gallucci (SP), Cosme Guarnieri Netto (SP), Hugo Maia (BA), Adeodato Filho (BA), Adelmo Botto (BA), Antonio de Sá Leitão (PE), Alberico Câmara (PE), Mario Kamnitzer (RJ), João Paulo Rieper (RJ), Campos da Paz Filho (RJ), Fernando Machado Moreira (RS), Domício Pereira da Costa (PR), Etelvino Cunha (RN) and João Emílio de Macedo (PA), among others. At the time, the chairman of the Provisional Board was elected: Alberto Frância Martins (SP). And, on October 30, the day Febrasgo was founded, we celebrate National Gynecologists’ and Obstetricians’ Day.

The first meeting of the board was held on April 15, 1960, at the chairman’s home, at Rua Honduras, 280, São Paulo, where the other members of the board were elected, by acclamation. Its final makeup was: Onofre de Araújo (SP) – vice-chairman, Waldemar de Souza Rudge (SP) – general secretary, José Gallucci (SP) – treasurer and Cosme Guarnieri Netto (SP) – assistant secretary.


Febrasgo is one of the most respected scientific societies in the world and has achieved a high level of credibility, in both the scientific field and professional advocacy. It is admired for its ethical and scientific attitudes in continuing education.

President César Eduardo Fernandes comments that the federation has always focused on advances for gynecologists and obstetricians and in women’s health care. However, he notes that there were a number of difficulties, particularly in the political sphere, which required a firm and resilient position.

“We went through a period of dictatorship in Brazil, at which time we manifested resistance and strength of purpose. Afterward, during the Rights movement, the election of Tancredo and setting up the National Constituent Assembly, we participated in the main discussions related to health that were reflected in our Constitution and the creation of the SUS (Unified Health System), ensuring Brazilians universal, comprehensive and quality health care.

In the scientific universe, Febrasgo’s excellence of performance has drawn the attention of international bodies and made it a preferred partner of FIGO, FLASOG, PAHO/WHO, and UNICEF; as well as government bodies: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and others.

Much has been accomplished in these 59 years and there is still much to do. Through the hard work, earnestness, competence, and dedication of its leaders and the support of its members, Febrasgo is increasingly stronger and a leading figure in women's health.

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